I work in an academic library, so the article linked here is particularly pertinent.



In recent years, considerable change has affected universities and their academic libraries, and this pace of change is likely to continue. Recent and current changes affecting academic libraries include:

  • Increasing client expectations, with the consequent need to maintain and enhance the student experience, including student success and attainment, student retention and progression, and employability
  • Disintermediation and the danger of library support in the digital age becoming invisible
  • Current and future generations of students and researchers considering themselves self-sufficient in information skills
  • A decline in the importance of the library as a physical entity
  • Changing user needs and working styles
  • The availability of alternative sources of information for learners and researchers, with other providers as well as libraries in the digital environment
  • The changing nature of universities, with new ways of working, changes in pedagogy, and increasing online delivery
  • Changes in scholarly publication methods (such as open access) and the research…

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