Acronyms. We use a lot of them in our academic library, and it is easy to forget that not everyone knows what they all mean.

People get lost among the all the CAPITAL LETTERS shouting at us every day:  PIP, LMS, MFD, POVAL, APPT, SARU, LRMT.

Similarly, there are databases and library platforms out there with some pretty crazy names. Have you heard of Soutron, which makes me think of croutons, or LibLime Koha which sounds like it belongs on a cocktail menu? (I’ll take two of those, with ice and umbrellas, please).

At work we know that we’ll soon have a new LMS (Library Management System); I wonder what it will be called? Perhaps we’ll have an overhaul of all our systems, and it could look something like this:

Announcing a new Library Management System: Bolognese*, a cutting edge LMS with multi-platform features which will not only meet our needs, but provide scope for future adaptations as we grow and develop.


Bolognese comes complete with fully integrated media platforms, including SAUCE (Student Academic Universal Central Experience), PASTA (Payroll And Support Team Atrium), ITALIA (Integrated Teaching Academic Liaison & Interlibrary Application), and finally, an IT network called AL DENTE (Automated Liaison for Digital Expertise to Nurture Technological Experiences).

*None of this is actually true. I made it up for comedic effect. Our library will, however, have a new library management system installed in 2018.