You may be wondering why I am posting a picture of a broken toilet on a blog about libraries.

Let me enlighten you.

I took this photo at work today, in the men’s bathroom at the library.

broken toilet

It has been broken for about three weeks now. It has been cleaned everyday, but not fixed, so today I sent this photo to the university’s buildings and maintenance department along with an email apologizing if they were already aware of it.

They wrote back; no-one had informed them about the broken toilet, so they thanked me for letting them know.

It has been broken for three weeks and no-one told them!

To tell the truth, there are no toilets in our library; staff and students have to leave the library to use toilets in adjacent locations. Our library was completely refurbished during the summer, but as you can see, this did not include toilets.

This photo pretty much sums up our staff morale at the moment; we are frustrated about the refurbishment, about the lack of communication, about the lack of foresight or forward planning. Yes the library looks nice now, all shiny and new, but what about fixing the fundamental things?

Rant over. Carry on with your day.

*Update! The toilet was fixed very promptly after I had raised the issue. Everything is fine now.