I stepped out for a five-minute break, and suddenly its been weeks; I walked away from my desk the first week of June, and will finally be returning to work tomorrow, just for one day. I only work during semester-time, you see, other than the odd day here and there in the summer months. My library is undergoing a refurbishment, so tomorrow, for one day only, I will be working at a different campus library (so really, I won’t be returning to my desk at all, but to someone else’s. Truth be told, I don’t even know where my desk is… it has been packed away and gone into storage until the refurbishment is completed).

There’s a direct correlation between me being at work in a library and writing on here, and, well, me not being in a library and not writing on here. In a funny way, the parallels between my library and I have continued in my absence; while the library is being redesigned and reconfigured, I have been doing much the same thing at home by  redecorating and repainting our bedrooms; one is now a calming, minimalist brilliant white, while our sons’ bedroom is mostly a playful lime green.


I have no idea what the library will look like by the start of next semester, but I would be very surprised to find King Louis lurking in the corner next to the photocopiers.

Next post: I’ll let you know what it is like working in a workplace that is not my own.