There’s been a lot going on at work recently; this week half of the library disappeared. Yes, you heard me correctly; half of the library disappeared. This was not a sudden, out-of-the-blue event; indeed, we had been expecting this to happen for quite some time, and have been preparing for it, but it is still something of a shock to look around and see a lot of empty shelves.


Some background: I work as a library assistant in an academic library at a university which has multiple campus sites. The campus that I work at is due to close completely within the next five years, and the first phase of this involves the relocation of some departments this summer. As part of this process, half of our library’s collection is being moved to a different campus library.

This week, professional book movers came in and packed up crates and crates of books, to transport them to their new home.


As I said, half of our library has now gone. Some members of our academic librarian team will also be leaving us within the next few weeks, moving over to the other campus. The changes don’t end there, though. Half of the books have gone, and as a result, we need less space, so the library will also be physically shrinking in size; the building will be reconfigured during the summer vacation. I have now finished work for the summer (I only work during semester) so when I return in September, the library will be a very different place.


Hopefully, the redundant shelves will have been taken away, and the library will have been sufficiently redesigned to meet the requirements of the remaining students and staff that will be using this library for the next few years. It feels like the end of an era.