In Public

I used to work in a public library in America, at the circulation desk helping people to check books out, issuing new library cards, collecting fine payments, and answering general questions. During those couple of years I became a familiar face in the library, and would sometimes get recognised by members of the community outside of work. People would say hello in the supermarket, for example, nothing too awkward, but I wouldn’t always recognise them as library users.

Caught Naked

Well, there was this one time I got caught naked. Not at work, I hasten to add, surely that would be illegal? No, I was minding my own business, taking a shower at the gym after a workout, when a guy walked over, looked at me and asked Do you work in the library? I suppose I could have lied, and said Not I, sir, surely you are mistaken, but instead I simply looked at him and said Yes, yes I do, and continued on with my shower.