Away Day

I work as a library assistant in an academic institution, and have volunteered to join the team to help plan a staff development day for the library employees. I have no prior experience of planning such a thing, and there hasn’t been a staff development day at this institution for many years. Last year we had an away day, which was actually an afternoon in a different part of the campus, with a free lunch, and a couple of guest speakers who also work here; in other words, it didn’t really feel like much of an away day. It was more of a short trip to the local corner shop to buy a loaf of bread rather than an excursion to John Lewis to buy a sofa, if you get my meaning.

Off Campus

Well, this year is going to be different. My suggestion that we try to hold the staff development day off-campus was met with enthusiasm, and we have already managed to find a venue in the city centre. I guess that was the easy part; now we need to come up with a program of activities to entice our library colleagues to join us for the day. I should point out that the staff development day is not compulsory, and that many of the staff will be unable to attend anyway, because we still need to open and run the university libraries that day. (It was decided that we would have only the one day for some staff, rather than repeating the day twice so all staff could attend.)


Anyway, my question is this: have you ever attended or helped to plan a staff development day for library employees? Do you have any suggestions for topics or themes? Any engaging workshops or activities? Things to avoid? All ideas are welcome, in the comments below. Thank you!

I will update you on the progress of our staff development day as and when. It is scheduled to take place in May.