Part thirteen in a series exploring my work history, revealing how I ended up working in a library. This post: curating art exhibitions.


Hitting a wall

Why is this so hard to write? I’ve hit a wall. When I worked at an art museum, it was my job to literally hit walls; well, at least drill holes in them and hammer in nails so I could hang pictures up.

Exhibits Coordinator

I was employed as a student worker, to assist with installing (and then removing) temporary art exhibitions; my title: Student Exhibitions Coordinator. I loved that job; I got to put into practice the theory I had learned from my Museum Studies classes, I had the artistic freedom to install exhibitions and use my own judgement to make best use of the gallery spaces. It was wonderful.

Local Artists

My main task was to coordinate an annual exhibition of art by local artists; I had to collect submissions, recruit judges, and curate the exhibition itself. I’ll never forget one of the judges one year asking me who had curated the exhibition; he was amazed that a student had done such a professional job. I enjoyed the whole process of curating a show, and was lucky enough to work there for about 18 months. I had to step down, however, in order to undertake perhaps my most important role yet: stay-at-home dad.

Part fourteen to follow.