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Under Western Skies

I’m observing (and celebrating) National Library Week in a series of blog posts.

While it’s not officially Library Week in other countries than the U.S., they are, of course, something we human beings have in common, everywhere, and throughout our history. Libraries have preserved our history, germinated our ideas and held the golden chain of culture and knowledge that runs from one to another of our civilizations.

When you enter a library (even if you do it digitally), you’re responding to an innate desire that’s an essential part of being human: “What if there were a place one could go that had everything ever written, everything any man or woman ever thought or said?” It’s something we all have in common, and it binds us together and makes us greater than ourselves.

Today, I invite you to read what some other writers have said recently in their blogs about libraries. There may be ten…

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