Open to the public: the fine line between museums and libraries

I haven’t had chance to write much this week, so here’s another chance to read a post from last week. More coming soon…

Libraries Connect Communities

bodleian-library-weston-oxford1 Last month, Oxford University reopened its Weston Library, after an £80m refurbishment. Part of the Bodleian Libraries, the Weston was a previously unloved building, often derided for its drab architecture in a city renowned for its great many beautiful buildings. However, after this massive investment, it has been transformed into what can only be described as a vast state-of-the-art space, to house the Bodleian’s special collections.

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2 thoughts on “Open to the public: the fine line between museums and libraries

  1. Have you been? I’m very keen to have a nosey.
    What do you think libraries can learn most from museums? Are museums better at promoting and interpreting their collections for their users?


    • I’m working on a follow-up piece about museums and libraries (I have a minor in Museum Studies as part of my degree) so I’ll be addressing the issues you mention then… but, yes, I think that museums and libraries are very closely related and can learn a lot from each other.

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